how success happens | taught by David Intrator
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David  Intrator
David Intrator
Harvard Educated | Madison Avenue Trained

About the instructor

David  Intrator offers a wealth of real-world storytelling experience.  

Harvard educated and Madison Avenue trained, he's worked on both the creative and strategic sides of the communications business in the U.S and abroad. 

Over the years he's helped companies like IBM, Chase, BMW, Fidelity, Unilever and others tell their stories in a clear and compelling way. Across all media. 

And David Intrator continues to tell the stories of the world’s top brands through his New York based strategic and creative consultancy, Smarter Storytelling.

Not surprisingly, what he knows has been sought out by universities like NYU and Johns Hopkins, along with organizations including Red Bull, Western Digital and the U.S. Navy.

All in all,  David Intrator offers a unique and wide-ranging perspective on storytelling that will help you thrive in a world where success is increasingly dependent on the story you tell.

You can reach David Intrator here.

A Storytelling Course Like No Other

Taught from a practitioner's perspective

Smarter Storytelling is a one-of-a-kind course: Nearly 3 1/2 hours of engaging and substantive instruction with exercises, all informed by the real-word insights and experience of professional creatives, marketers and storytellers who need to generate effective stories on a daily basis.

No other course approaches business and brand storytelling from such a practical perspective.

And, in so doing, Smarter Storytelling provides you with the concepts and tools you need to give your stories coherence, direction and emotional power in today's world.

Learn the proven principles of effective storytelling in all media


Today you need to be able to tell a story across all media.

No other course goes so deeply into the underlying principles that define stories told not only in words, but in everything from video to photography, graphic design to PowerPoint.

Master the power of Story Idea and Structure

No other course goes so deeply into Story Idea and Structure, the all-important concepts that make a story powerful, memorable and, most important, emotional.

See countless examples of storytelling in action

Once again, this is a practical course. All concepts are supported by numerous real-world examples from literature, movies, advertising and more.

Acquire a powerful creative problem-solving method

Smarter Storytelling teaches you not only the what of storytelling, but the how. You'll be introduced to the Make a Mess/Clean Up Your Mess™ Creative Method to help you generate ideas and craft your stories.

Learn to present your stories authentically and strategically

Smarter Storytelling will teach you how to overcome the Intent/Impact Gap, develop a presentation strategy and deliver your stories with power and authenticity.

Above all, advance your career, grow your business and be more influential

Smarter Storytelling may be one of the most important courses you ever take. It covers concepts and skills that apply to every aspect of contemporary business and you'll benefit from what you learn far into the future.

Plus you can customize the course to meet your company's particular needs

We not only offer enterprise discounts, but can also create chapters and modules to address any specific storytelling needs your company might face.

Contact us to learn more. 

Course Contents

33 Videos
1 Quiz
2 PDFs

Course Curriculum

XI: What Does This All Have To Do With Business Storytelling?